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What Is Whatsapp Business App And How To Create Account On It

In today’s time, everyone uses WhatsApp, keeping in mind that the WhatsApp Business App has been launched. Now many people want to know that WhatsApp business app will be different from the previous WhatsApp in some way and what is special about it.

WhatsApp Business app has been launched specially for those people. Those who use WhatsApp for their business. Which he can connect with his customers and increase his business.

WhatsApp Business app is designed keeping in mind the small businessman. So that it can use digital marketing through WhatsApp as the growing company uses digital marketing to grow its business. In which it takes millions of rupees.

That’s why the WhatsApp business app has been launched, although it is absolutely free right now, for which you do not have to pay any money. But in the coming time, any other feature can be added to it, for which you can read to pay money.

Today we are going to give you complete information about the WhatsApp business app. If you are a small businessman and want to grow your business more, then you should know about the WhatsApp business app, so let’s review the WhatsApp business app.

What is WhatsApp Business App

Like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business App has been launched for free, as the name suggests, it is designed to increase business. So that small and medium people can easily connect with their customers.

As you all know that only one WhatsApp can be used on a phone. But you can use WhatsApp and WhatsApp business App simultaneously in one phone.

By the way, WhatsApp business app looks exactly like WhatsApp and does the work in the same way, but in this, you get many different features. With the help of which you can do business with WhatsApp.

The number of people using WhatsApp is in billions and trillions all over the world and billions of people use WhatsApp in India alone.

Now you can guess how big a marketing place WhatsApp is, with the help of which you can develop your business more, so let’s know how to create an account on WhatsApp Business App.

How to create an account on WhatsApp Business App

It is very easy to create an account on WhatsApp Business App. Just like you create an account on normal WhatsApp, you have to create an account on it. Here you can create an account using the number running in WhatsApp or using the next number.

1 First of all download and install WhatsApp business app from play store or click on the button below

2. Now open it and enter your mobile number

3. Verify Mobile via OTP

4. Now put your Business Name and Logo and click on Next button

5. Now your WhatsApp Business account has been created.

So, friends, you must have now understood what is WhatsApp Business App and how it is used. If you still have any problem then comment us and share it with your friends.