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What is the Hotstar VIP plan and its benefits?

Hotstar started a new VIP subscription plan of ₹ 365, which has become quite popular in today’s time.

You must have seen a Hotstar VIP member in IPL. But do you know what is Hotstar VIP plan? And what are the benefits of taking it?

If you too are eager to know this, then you must read this article till our arrival.

What is Hotstar VIP Plan?

Hotstar VIP plan is a new subscription plan. Typically, this new plan has been introduced to give competition to DTH operators in Hotstar.

With this plan, customers get the experience of ad-free content, as well as Livestream also offers TV shows and movies, which are not available for free.

The 1-year price of this plan is just ₹ 365, which is much better than the other DTH operators as well.

What are the benefits of subscribing to Hotstar VIP?

By taking this plan, you also get better and better service, which are as follows.

  • Add-free user experience
  • Live sports, cricket, Premier League, etc.
  • new release Indian movie
  • The latest episode of the Indian TV show at 6 a.m.

You can also enjoy a good experience by constantly watching your favorite and favorite sports without any hindrance.