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What is Processor And How Does It Work

What is Processor And How Does It Work

What is the processor or what is it called, how it works, how many types of the whole process are they, what are their functions, explain everything on this page

What is processor

It is a very useful microchip that is attached to the CPU along with the motherboard and along with it also attaches components connected to the computer which control and manage the computer processor A special type of electronic chip. It is mostly used in our computer systems, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

The processor works like a brain in all these devices, so it is called the central processing unit. The work of the processor understands the interaction or function between the user and the computer.

For this reason, the processor is able to know the input command given by the user in the computer and also by performing the processor working on the input command, the result is displayed on our computer screen through the output devices, the speed of the processor is GHz. Is measured because the more the processor of the core, the better it works and by processing our input quickly and displaying the output in a few seconds some core process Or, the more the processor of the core is, the better the computer system will perform, if it were a single-core processor, then it would not be able to give more heavy task and output of quality, that is, it would hang, so today all the computers, mobiles, or Laptops, etc. are gadgets, 4 core, 6 core processor is used in them.

How does the processor work

The processor executes step by step input instruction which is like this.

1. Fetch

fetch means to fetch the instruction or information given by the user and their work input and instruction is sent from the RAM to the CPU, they are placed in an IR ie Instruction register.

2. Decode

The instruction given by the user in the fetch is stored in an Instruction register, after which the CPU work is passed to a circuit called decoder, taking all these instructions, this decoder gives these instructions to signals’ or Binary form (0, 1) Convert and send the other part of CPU to the arithmetic logic unit to take action and it performs arithmetic calculation.

3. Execute

When all these instructions are decoded, they have to pass through the control unit part of the CPU and it generates the output after executing the instruction, then it is sent again to memory which controls and manages it.

4. Write back

These are the most common and last step of the processor. It means that the operations performed by fetch, decode, execute, maintain in a register near it and all the processes or applications run during this action are all in the register of the processor. With the help of this, the output can be accessed quickly, it is also called a back process.

Types of Computer Processor

In today’s time, there are many types of processors available in the market which the user buys according to his computer which is like this.

1.Budget processor

In today’s time, the budget processor is being used a lot because they consume electronic power very rarely and their price is very low, so they are considered very beneficial for upgrading computers because they are used by every user Can easily manage.

2.AMD processor

Processors are quite cheap compared to Intel processors, if we use AMD’s processor in the laptop, then they consume a lot of battery power due to which the battery gets damaged quickly, as well as its speed is also very low due to which it heating. Produce more.

3.Intel Celeron

The Intel processor was initially considered to be a very bad processor because its working efficiency was very low and the cost was also high. With this, it was upgraded to e Intel Telenor which is known as 64 bit due to its upgrade. The efficiency of heating has also increased and power also consumes less, due to which the heating in it is very less.

4.Mainstream processor

These processors consume a little more power than the above-given processor, so they use more core and Caches motherboards. Before using them, the motherboard has to be checked.

5.AMD Athlon 64

Two sockets have been used in this type of processor so that it supports 64 bit, but there is a drawback in that it works by just 32 bit.

6.Intel pentium 4

Intel pentium 4 processor is much better than all the above processors, its working ability is very fast as it works at 3.2 GHz which is very high.

7.Dual-core processor

Dual-core means that it has been made by connecting two core processors together in this type of processor, which is called a dual-core processor, it has a lot more speed than having a dual-core processor together. It only uses the speed of the processor. It is done to increase it so that it can give output in a very short time.

8.AMD Athlon 64 × 2

This type of processor is used to increase the efficiency of the computer and they use very little power so that there are no heating problems. Such types of processors do typical work in less time in this way. Sockets have been used which are easily attached to the circuit of the motherboard.

9.Intel pentium D

This type of processor has tried to provide almost all types of facilities such that its efficiency is very good compared to all other processors and they consume very little power so that the heating problems in it are negligible. Moreover, it has been designed in such a way that it can attach to any type of motherboard, its price is also very low, so every user can easily manage it.