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What Is NFC ? How To Use NFC

What Is NFC ? How To Use NFC

Friends, everyone is aware of the Bluetooth technology, but a technology “Nfc” that performs the work of data transfer and online payment in a few seconds, for which you do not have to get into the hassle of completing a process.

What Is Nfc?

Nfc Uses

You must be aware of such great technology.

So let’s know what NFC is…

Nfc Full Form is “Near Field Communication”.

You must have used Wifi on the phone. It also works like Wifi. In order to connect Bluetooth to our phone, we have to pair both devices, which sometimes takes a lot of time and even then we are unable to connect Bluetooth to our phone.

Nfc is better than Bluetooth Nfc works only when your phone has Nfc and if you want to connect Nfc to another device, then it should have Nfc in the front mobile.

This is wireless communication technology in which you can transfer data between two devices from a distance of 4-5 C. M. With the help of Nfc, you can send data faster than just touching.

The Nfc Device is connected only after touching it and after completion of the work, it turns off automatically. It can transfer data at speeds of 106-424 Kbps over Bluetooth.

In NFC, you can do a lot of things along with transferring data, like transferring money, paying bills after shopping and much more, when it communicates, it also reduces battery consumption.

But now the question will be coming in your mind that how to use NFC

To know the answer ahead.

How Does Nfc Work?

Do you know how it works, then friends must have Nfc Antenna in the device to do Nfc communication? Data is sent through Radio Waves through NFC mode. The kind of technology used in NFC is derived from Older Radio Frequency Identification.

Nfc is divided into 3 modes of operation.

  • Peer To Peer Mode (To File Transfer)
  • Reader / Writer Mode (to read Nfc tags)
  • Card Emulation Mode (For Payments)

Peer To Peer Mode

NFC peer to peer mode This mode is most commonly used. It works to exchange information between 2 Nfc devices. In this mode, when the data is sent, the devices remain in the active mode and while receiving the data, the devices remain in the Passive Mode.

Reader / Writer Mode

Active Device It is used for Nfc Tags This is One Way Data Transmission.

In this, Active Device links up with another device to read the information from that device.

Card Emulation Mode

This mode can be used as a Smart Card for payment, so that Easily Payment

How To Use Nfc?

Who would not want to use the best Nfc technology?

So let’s not spend much time and go ahead and know.

To communicate with Nfc, it is very important to have Nfc Antena in your device. This is a cheaply designed Antena that is mounted on the back cover or top of your mobile.

It supports Nfc Data only up to 4-5 C.M Range. You can use Nfc differently.

Data transfer

With the help of Nfc, you can easily transfer and receive data from one mobile to another. In this, you can send any photo, video, document and much more to other mobiles.

If you do not know how to send data from your mobile to another mobile, then you can follow the steps given below.

  • Go To Setting – To transfer data from Nfc, first, go to the setting of your device.
  • Tap On More Option – Go to More after going to Setting. In NFC’s More Option, you have to turn on NFC.
  • Opens File You Wish To Transfer – Now select the data you want to send, such as – Contact, Photo, Video or any other file.
  • Place Your Android Devices Back To Back – After selecting the data, you have to touch both devices with each other. There is no need to pair both mobiles in NFC. In this, you have to bring your mobile pass so that both mobiles will become Automatically Connect.
  • Tap To Beam – Now the device with which data is being shared. If the option of Tap To Beam comes on it, then you have to click on it. Now Beaming Start will start. After Beaming Complete, you will be notified, just now your data will be shared.

Nfc Payment

Payment can also be done by using Nfc Ka. In NFC you can make payment with the help of Debit / Credit Card.

This is a very good feature of NFC. In which you do not need to take Debit / Credit card together, you can do this job only with the help of your phone.

when we make a payment from the swipe machine, then we have to swipe our card in that machine but in NFC you can make payment by touching the Debit card with the swipe machine after saving the Detail mobile in NFC.

Nfc Tag

This is the Store Tag of Nfc in which you can save your data. It is like a cheap in which you can also save your password, document and personal data.

You cannot save very large data. In this, you can save only small files and data.

Nfc Business Card

Nfc Business Card is still being used very much. In this, there is Nfc Chip, in which if a person touches the mobile Nfc near that card, then all the information available in that card, which is about business, is displayed on your phone.

In this, you can enter information about Social Media Link, Website and Images of your business.

Advantage Of Nfc

If you use Nfc, then you also get many benefits.

So by using this service, you will know what the benefits are.


Nfc can be adapted in many Situations such as – Use of Bank Cards, Reward System, Movie Passes Nfc is well adapted for all these Situations.

Fetch Real-Time Data

One can fetch real-time data at many places through NFC. With its help, you can maintain many of your works.


You can secure your Wallet in the Mobile Device. When your wallet is stolen, the credit card or information kept in it reaches all the thieves. Password in Smartphone helps in keeping your information secure.


In order to make an online payment, some process has to be done. After that the payment is complete, but from Nfc, just mobile has to be brought near the machine and payment is made with a simple touch.

So these were the benefits that you get when using Nfc.

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