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What is email, Email Address And Email Id

Today we are living in the technology world where all the work has been computerized. Just like if you want to send money, you can send money in a few seconds, if you want to talk to someone, then you can talk to them in a different ways in seconds.

Here, to say different ways means by video, by text message, by audio, etc. In today’s day, if we fill any form, then we have to give email in it and that field is mandatory somewhere, so we need to give email.

There will be 50% of people who will already know about email, but there will be some people who will not be well aware of the email. So in today’s tutorial, we will tell you about email, what is email.

What is email

The full form of Email is “Electronic mail”. Email is a way of exchanging messages between people using electronic devices (electronic devices) where we can send messages to others using electronic devices. Here the message can be in any format such as text, image, audio, video, files, etc.

What is an Email ID? What is an email address?

Email IDs are a unique name used to send an email. In other words, it is a type of virtual address or an online address that tells the user’s identity. Just like our house has a unique name like suppose your home address is 505 Block-A, Sector 63 Noida and this same address cannot be with anyone else. In the same way, some addresses are also created on online internet which are of different types and they are all unique by which the identity of the user is detected. We are talking about the email address here, so here we will only know about the email address.

How email id Look Likes

Now we will know what is the email ID and what are the things to know about it. Email IDs are as follows: username@domain.extension

Here in the domain comes the name of the web address or the name of the company that is providing the email address, like the domain name of Google’s Gmail is Gmail.

Extension includes .com, .in, .org.

  1. Any type of email has three parts. In which the first part is called the username while the second part is called the domain and the third part is called extension.
    There is an @ symbol between the first part and the second part while between the second part and the third party. is a symbol.
  2. The first part that means username should be unique and should not contain some special characters like @, /, \. If you want to make a good username then we can only give you username. (dot) the special character would be advised to be used as it is valid in all email address providers.
  3. The second part means the domain should not contain any type of special character.
  4. Similarly, there should be no special character of any kind in the third part that means extension.
  5. Email address is not case sensitive, meaning you can write upper case (upper case) or lower case (lowercase letter) in any case. If someone’s email id is abc@example.com, if you send a message to ABC@EXAMPLE.com then it will send a message to their email, here the case has no meaning.
  6. Email ID is as small and suitable as it is. Your username should not be longer than 64 characters and your domain name should not be longer than 254 characters.