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How to start a mobile tempered glass making business

How to start a mobile tempered glass making business

At this time, many precious mobile phones have come into the market with a variety of features.

People are attracted to these attractive mobiles and get purchased, but providing security to such phones is also very responsible.

Once the displays of such phones are broken due to any reason, then it cannot be made again in such a way that it looks completely new.

Generally, tempered glass is used to provide protection to these phones, which is not available when purchasing the phone and has to be purchased from the external market.

Nowadays, every person who is buying a new phone also takes a tempered glass. Hence, its business is good profit-making business. All the necessary information related to this business will be given here.

Cost in the business of making mobile tempered glass

The total cost of this trade is about Rs. 2,50,000, under which you will also get its machine and all the items of making tempered glass.

Mobile Tempered Glass Making Machinery

There is a special type of machine for making mobile tempered glass. With the help of this machine, mobile tempered glass can be made in very little effort and time.

Price: The price of this machine is around Rs. 2,00,000.

Where to buy: To buy the machine online, visit the link given below:


Mobile Tempered Glass Making Raw Material for making mobile tempered glass

This trade requires only one raw material, an anti-shock screen protector film.

Price: It is usually priced at Rs 250 per square meter, although this price varies from company to company.

Where to buy: To buy anti-shock screen protector film online, visit the link given below:


Mobile Tempered Glass Making Process

The following is a description of the running of the machine and the making of tempered glass:

  • First, remove the cover of the tempered glass machine and insert a 3D soft anti-shock screen protector film in it.
  • After this, to set this film in the machine properly, keep thin magnets on it. It clings to the iron-containing area under the film and does not move during the process of making the screen protector glass.
  • After this, turn on the power of the machine. Now apply the protector template for the phone for which you want to make tempered glass. If you are making tempered glass for iPhone-7, then you have to use its protector template.
  • Then cut the 3D soft anti-shock screen protector according to the size of your phone. At this time, this screen protector will remain inside the machine. This can be done by a cutter attached to the cutting machine.
  • After some time take it out of the machine. Now the screen protector for the phone is ready. It is sold for up to 100 rupees. So on a screen guard, you get a profit of 70 to 80 rupees. In the same way, you can get a lot of benefits by starting a mobile back cover printing business.