Home Tricks How to remove Jio tune From Jio number?

How to remove Jio tune From Jio number?

How to remove Jio tune From Jio number?

As we all know, Jio has shown in the telecom world by doing what no other company could have imagined.

Jio offers many free offers such as Jio Saavn, Jio TV, Jio Cricket and Jio Tune, etc. for the convenience of its customers.

There are some users of Jio who use Jio Tune, but when they come to remove Jio Tune, they do not know how to do it.

Today we are going to tell you 2 such methods through this article, using which you will be able to remove your Jio tune.

So let’s know how you can remove your Jio tune. To know about these 2 methods, you must have this article till the end.

The following two methods to remove jio Tune?

1. Delete Jio Tune via message –

To remove Jio Tune via message, you must first send a message to 56789 by writing a stop. In this way also you can remove your jio tune.

Apart from this, you can delete your jio tune by messaging to another number.

To remove Jio Tune, you have to send this message to 155223 by writing a stop in the message box of your phone.

After this, the message will come to you, where you have to select the deactivate and forward the message. After doing this process, your jio tune will be removed.

2. Remove Jio Tune through My Jio app –

  1. If you want, you can also remove your Jio Tune very easily through the My Jio application, for that, you have to follow the steps given below.
  2. To remove Jio Tune through the My Jio application, firstly an application called My Jio should be installed on your smartphone.
  3. To remove Jio Tune, you have to open the My Jio application.
  4. After opening the My Jio application, you select its menu bar option ko.
  5. After the menu bar is open, you have to select the option with the jio tune.
  6. After doing this, you open my subscription page. After the opening of this page, here you will see the option of Deactivate Geo Tune.

Now you have to rejoice on the confirmation to remove Geo Tune. You can remove Jio Tune very easily by following all these easy steps.

Note: – Reliance company provides the service of jio Tune to its customers for free.

For this only one condition has been laid, it is such that it is necessary to have one of the plans of Jio on your Jio number. Only then you can take advantage of a jio tune.