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How To Make Videos On Tiktok

how to make video on tiktok

How to make a video on Tiktok or if you are thinking of making a video on Tiktok, then it is at the right place, today we will know how to make a video on Tiktok and make it viral.

If you have not downloaded Tiktok yet, first download it from the Google Play Store, after downloading, step by step, I tell you to follow my steps.

How to make a video on tiktok

After installing Tiktok, create your ID on it, you can create an ID on Tiktok by email, Facebook, and mobile number, etc., log in after creating the ID.

After logging in, go to your profile section and set the profile properly as shown on the image below, similarly set it and save it by clicking on the Save button.

Now come to the HomePage and watch some videos, this will give you an idea of ​​how to act and where to react. Let’s talk about making a video.

how to make a video on tiktok

On opening the Ticketok application, you will see a mark of ले and click on it. Now TikTok will ask you some consent related to the camera, you allow it, now click on Ad Song and add a song of your choice.

See the screenshot below, you will understand.

By the way, if you try, it is not very difficult to make a video on Tiktok, but you can easily make a video on Tiktok with the prompts given by me without asking anyone.

I am telling you step by step, I have put the number in the photo above, I am going to tell you in detail that you read it carefully.

  1. First open the TikTok App, then ➕
  2. Click on the mark your camera is open
  3. You can record video from any camera in Front and Rear.
  4. Click on Add Music and select the song or dialog on which the video is to be made.
  5. You can record the video by clicking on the Icon button with the camera on the third number.
  6. If you have already recorded the video and want to put it on TikTok, then you can add that video or photo from the file by clicking on the number 4.
  7. You must have seen a lot of color effects and different types of cartoon effects filters on TikTok, it is made with this effective option.
  8. After the video is created, you can change and apply other filters like Slow Motion, Speed ​​Play, Timer Record, Front and Rear Camera from this place.
  9. If you want to stop commenting on your video and other people from duet on your video, then turn on these options after the video is all ready after giving Tittle and Hashtag.
  10. 8 – If you have finished recording your video or want to do something else, then you can save the video in Draft,
  11. When you feel like it, then you get the option of publishing that video at this place.
  12. 9 – Now if your video is completely ready, then you can publish the video by clicking on the post button.

Your video will be available for the logo as soon as you click on the post button.

Read the mentioned option carefully, then you will not have to ask anyone.

How To Make Videos On Tiktok:- Final Words

Friends, in this way you will make a video from Tiktok, but if you do not properly add filters like Effect, Motion, then TikTok Par Video will not be viral.

On Tiktok, rightly add pure title de-friend, and do not forget trending #Hashtag Hashtag increases the chances of the video going viral.

If you follow the steps mentioned to me, then you will learn how to make videos easily, hoping that you will not ask such questions to anyone else like TikTok Par Video Kaise Banaye.

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