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How To Install Whatsapp In Jio Phone From Jio Store

When Reliance announced to give India’s cheapest 4G phone, many people started pre-booking it before the arrival of jio phone. And when the jio phone came into the market, we could see such features in a smartphone. But we were a little disappointed due to not having whats app in jio phone, but if you want to use WhatsApp jio phone, then in today’s post, we are going to give you all the information about how to use WhatsApp jio phone.

After reading this post completely, the question that comes in your mind, WhatsApp can be run in jio phone and can be run, then how will you get the answer to every such question.

Reliance jio phone is a feature smartphone. In which you have been given many such features that are on a smartphone. You can run it by voice command. Along with this, you have been given Jio Cinema and Jio Music, which you can enjoy any TV channel and any music.

As you all know that when the jio phone was launched by Reliance, we were not given facebook in the jio phone. But after the recent update of jio phone, now we get to see facebook on jio phone. And now in jio phone, we can use facebook. That’s why a lot of people want to go. How long will the WhatsApp come in jio phone?

Reliance has been updated in WhatsApp jio phone but a lot of people have not received this update in WhatsApp jio phone but after some time this update is going to come in your jio phone too soon while WhatsApp jio phone 2 has a lot Big updates have been seen. Because the only jio can reach every person of India through jio phone. So it is possible that WhatsApp will come on jio phone in the future.

There are two ways to run WhatsApp in Jio Phone, out of which you can use any method. Friends, it is very important for you to know that WhatsApp can be downloaded or installed on jio phone. But earlier it was not possible but after the update in Jio phone, it has been possible, if the update of WhatsApp has come in your Jio phone, then you can install WhatsApp in Jio Phone.

But if you have not yet updated WhatsApp in your Jio Phone, then you cannot install WhatsApp in jio phone.

But it is true that you can use WhatsApp on jio phone. But for this, you do not have to download and install WhatsApp. To use WhatsApp in jio phone, you read how to use WhatsApp web

Just like WhatsApp web is used to run WhatsApp in computer and laptop, similarly, in jio phone, we can run WhatsApp in the same way. So, friends, we know about both those ways of running in WhatsApp Jio Phone.

Install Whatsapp In Jio Phone From Jio Store

After a very long time, finally, an update has come from jio, according to which you can now easily run WhatsApp Jio Phone. It is a pleasure for those people who were worried about not having Whatsapp in jio phone. If this update has come in your jio phone too, then let’s know how to run WhatsApp in jio phone.


First of all, go to Jio Store and you will get to see WhatsApp as below.

Step- 2

Now click on WhatsApp and install it

Step- 3

After opening WhatsApp, enter your mobile number and Verify OTP

Step- 4

Now WhatsApp is ready to run in jio phone.