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How To Enable 2 Step Verification On Whatsapp

Hello Friends, Given the increasing number of Whatsapp users, its security also becomes important. Whatsapp is doing it well.

An example of this is End to End Encryption. Another feature that has come for WhatsApp account security is WhatsApp’s two-step verification. You are being provided full information in this post.

So that you will understand what it is? And how will it keep your account safe? Do enjoy this popular social app, but also take care of its security. Do not ignore this important factor.

Let me tell you a little about security on social apps. When you go to a crowded place, you must take care of your valuables and purses.

The social app is like a crowded place. In this, you must take care of your personal information. You may not have noticed this, but your personal information is more valuable than money.

Once you think if an unknown person asks for your mobile number, will you give it? No, then why not think about it on the social app?

Let’s not give you much lecture, you will say that security settings should be done on social apps like Whatsapp and Facebook.

By the way, you will be taking care of security. If not, then pay attention. The information being told in this post is also a part of the same security.

What is WhatsApp Two-Step Verification?

This is the latest and important security feature of WhatsApp. When you activate WhatsApp, the verification code comes on your number.

After that WhatsApp is activated by this code. But when you enable WhatsApp two-step verification, then another password has to be entered.

Only then Whatsapp will be activated on your mobile number. This feature will make your account very secure.

Now you must be wondering how this will work? How will this provide security to our WhatsApp account? Friends would first like to give you information about enabling 2 step verification. After that, you will be able to understand better what is it? Why is it important? How else will it work?

Complete information to enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

  1. So Friends, open WhatsApp to enable the WhatsApp two-step verification feature.
  2. Click on the menu option (three dots above). Now go to Settings. Next, you click on the Account setting. I have cleared its steps in the screenshot.
  3. Now the option of two-step verification will be found in the next step. Go here In the next step, you have to click on ENABLE below.
  4. Now here you have to enter a password of 6 Digit. Here you set such passwords that you can remember. Or make a note of this password in your personal diary.
  5. After entering the password of 6 digits, you have to type the same password again in the next step. That is, confirm the password.
  6. In this way, you will see the message of WhatsApp’s two-step verification enabled. Now click On DONE. You can disable this feature at any time. You can also change your 6 digit password and email address.
  7. Do update it before using the WhatsApp two-step verification feature. Let me also give you information about why to enable it. So that you can understand its proper use and security.

Need To Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification?

Friends, this 2-Step Verification will make your Whatsapp account very secure.

I will tell you how When you activate WhatsApp for the first time, the activation code comes on your mobile number, why?

You must be aware that the mobile number is verified for this security. Your mobile number is your identity on WhatsApp, profile photo and name can be anything.