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How to earn money in Vmate app (All Steps)

How to earn money in Vmate app: – Just like we earn money by making videos in the tik tok app, like the app, similarly we can earn money by making short videos in vmate app too.

To make a video in Vmate, you can install Vmate by going to the play store. Or you can

  • install VMATE app by clicking on the link given below-
  • Open after installing Vmate.
  • There are some options above it like following, trending, nearby
  • There are many videos given in the following option, in which we can follow someone like video.
  • In the trending option, the videos that are currently running in the current are the video show which we can comment like.
  • Nearby option I watch videos of the user near where we are.
  • In Vmate, login from one of facebook, google, Gmail.
  • After login, in this, we can follow anyone, like video, comment, and share.
  • Let us click on the tap to shoot below to make a video.
  • Record video by a tab.
  • In the video, we make a video by applying stickers, music, effect, filters.

Now we select the title of our video, Thumbnail and put #Tag in our video and click on Save & Post.

By which the video gets posted in vmate.

To make money in Vmate app –

  • To make money in the Vmate app, you have to make good videos and post them.
  • And to convert the gifts that come to us, we go to our profile.
  • After that, click on the email option. In which we
  • On a daily login in the check-in option, we will get something in them.
  • To see which, click on my price, in which the point and gift we have received are visible.
  • In this way, we daily get some point or gift on doing daily check-in Vmall.
  • By which we buy something inside Vmall.
  • When we click on Vmall, we are given lots of offers, deals in which we can buy by point.