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How To Check Your Electricity Bill Status From Android Application

How To Check Your Electricity Bill Status From Android Application

In today’s time, electricity is the biggest need of everyone, whether it is summer or winter, day or night, electricity is needed by everyone and if you do not get electricity, a lot of your daily life work remains incomplete. You should fill the Electricity Bill on time so that you do not face any problem.

But a lot of people do not know how much the electricity bill is and how to check the electricity bill, so they cannot fill their Electricity bill on time, due to which they have to pay a fine and have to pay an extra charge.

So today we are going to tell you how you can check online electricity bills by sitting at home with the help of your mobile so that you can pay electricity bills on time without any extra charge.

Whether you are from any state of India, you can check Electricity Bill online while sitting, since all the states of India have different websites to check and fill the electricity bills, so we can give you the check of all the states’ electricity bills. All the websites as well as how to check the electricity bills are full information.

How to check online Electricity Bill

Today, the Indian government is working to reach electricity in almost all the villages and compared to earlier, the bill is given by the people of every village, but many times Electricity Bill cannot reach your home.

So you may have to go to the powerhouse to check the electricity bill, but if you want, you do not need to go anywhere because today everything has come online and you can easily find your electricity bill.

How to Check Electricity Bill

Let us tell you that there are two ways to check Bijli Bill using which you can check the electricity bill, so let’s know about both ways.

Electricity Bill check By Android Apps

If you use a smartphone, then you can easily check Electricity Bill using Electricity Bill Check and Paying Apps from Google Play Store like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.

There is a similar procedure to check Electricity bills from all apps, so we are going to tell you how to check the Electricity bill using Google Pay and in the same way you can check electricity bills from other apps also.


First, install Google Pay App

Step -2

Open it after registering in Google Pay.

Step- 3

Now you have to click on the Bill Payment option and then select Electricity.

Step- 4

After this, you have to select the Electricity Bill company in your state.

Step- 5

Now you have to enter the Consumer Number which is in the electricity bill and enter the Sub-Division, Account Holder Name, etc. and click on the Next button.

Step- 6

Now the details of the account come in front of you, after checking it, click on Link Account.

Step- 7

As soon as you click, you get information about how much electricity bill is there and when to fill it.

So in this way, you can check Electricity Bill sitting at home from your android mobile