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All About Online Marriage Certificate :- Need Of Marriage Certificate

All About Online Marriage Certificate

Hello friends, all of you are once again very welcome to Advicetechno. Friends today brought a very special topic for you, which can be useful in every person’s life. And today through this post you will get I will tell you how you can do court marriage and after that you register your marriage in the government account. And after that how do you get your certificate of marriage.

Every couple has to have their own marriage certificate. And you still have to know that there are many people who do not register their marriage and they do not have any certificate. And they do not make it because they think they have to do a lot of work to get a marriage certificate. At that rate, they do not make it.

But I have already told you According to the Government of India, every couple is required to register their marriage and it is very important to have a marriage certificate. That is why you should get it made, do you know when the government will start verifying our marriage certificate, And can not trust anything on today’s government, can announce anything at any time (was just a joke). Today I will tell you how you can get a marriage certificate for your couple from home online.

Who can create a marriage certificate?

Friends, in India, an age time limit has been laid for the marriage of a girl, girl of any religion. When the boy turns 21 years and the girl turns 18, then he becomes a child/child, so he made a wish. You can do marriage and you can get the marriage registered. After that, you get a marriage certificate.

How much does it cost to get a marriage certificate?

Friends, in our country India is a very easy way to register the marriage. And in today’s digital India palace, you can register a marriage sitting online from home. We know where we get the work done by the Sahaj solution, there is no need to spend too much money.

If you register marriage according to Hindu religions, then you only have to pay a price of 100 rs.

And you want that you get married in the special act, then you have to spend 150 rs to register the marriage.

If you want to marry in the custom of the Parsi act, then you have to pay 3 rs, and 2 rs for the certificate, then you have to give 5 rs value together.

What documents are required to get a marriage certificate

Friends, you will need some important documents to get a Marriage Certificate, which I am telling you below.

  •  Birth certificate of both of you
  • Address proof of work where you live
  • The signature of both of you should be in a single letter.
  • The affidavit signed by both of you should include the place, date, and time frame of the marriage, and the signature of the 3 witnesses.
  • And if either of you has made a second statement, first you can not get your first divorce paper or whatever, because you are not with you like death certificate (these case widow and widower) or even more.

Needs Of marriage certificate

Friends, according to Indian law, every couple should have a marriage certificate. Because it is a legal proof, bound by the bond of both of you. And apart from this, you need your marriage certificate for a lot of work.

  1. Friends, when you and your wife go to visit somewhere in the country and you have a marriage certificate, then you can easily get a visa for your wife along with you.
  2. Anytime between your couple, if for any reason the relationship of each other is broken, then you can file a case only for your house, land and legal.
  3. After that, the biggest benefit is that if the marriage certificate stays with you, then the bank account is opened very easily for your wife. And your wife’s house in-law becomes much longer than that marriage certificate. By showing them, you can change their address very easily on your address, which is useful for proof of Work.