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Health Insurance West Virginia

Residents of West Virginia have a lower life expectancy as compared to the rest of the America. One of the reasons that could be attributed to this shocking fact is the lack of accessible healthcare facilities to the citizens. Reforms in the health insurance industry will make it easier for the resident to afford health plans and thus have access to better healthcare services.

The health industry will change drastically with the reforms coming into place. Here is a rundown on how purchasing a health plan in West Virginia would change after the Affordable Care Act comes into place.

Small business in West Virginia, currently stay away from providing health coverage at work. The Act promises tax credits to those firms who offer health plans to their employees. This will encourage 22,400 small businesses in the state to do so.

31, 700 Medicare beneficiaries in West Virginia had to pay their complete fees on prescription drugs as they had hit the donut hole last year. According to the new health laws, these beneficiaries will receive a one-time rebate check of $250.

A $5 billion temporary relief fund has been set up for the 41,500 early retirees in West Virginia so that they can access affordable health plans through their previous employers.

There would be more regulations on health plans as well so that the best interests of the consumers in West Virginia are protected.
1. No lifetime limits on plans and the annual out-of-pocket expenses will be tightly regulated to ensure that the 907,000 west Virginians do not spend a huge sum of money from their pockets even after owning medical policies
2. 41,000 individuals in the state who bought their plans from fraud insurance practices will not be dropped from coverage when they fall sick
3. Children, below the age of 19 and with pre-existing conditions, will not be denied health plans on their basis of health status. Adults with a medical history will have access to $26.8 million dollar fund that help them find affordable health plans.
4. Young adults will be able to stay in their parents’ plans till they turn 26. This will help 6990 individuals in West Virginia to look for jobs or go in for further studies without having to worry about medical coverage
5. Residents in West Virginia will have the right to retain a plan that they like and in case of a new health plan will have the freedom to choose any participating primary care provider.
6. There would be no prior authorization required in cases of emergency or when a woman in West Virginia wants to consult an ob-gyn
West Virginia will also receive increased funding so that:
a) The existing 188 community health centers are able to serve more people and new health centers can be built
b) The National Health Service Corps caters to the 9% population of West Virginia that lives in underserved areas
c) Medicaid is able to accommodate more people from the low-income bracket by flexing the eligibility criteria.


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